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Praise be to Allah, the Awwal, which is not something before him, and the End, which is not something after him, and the Dzáhir, which is not something besides him, and the Báthin, which is not something other than Him. The then from that. Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib’ alayhissalam have said (which means): “I Fathimah and entrance (to home) Messenger s’aw (shallalláhu ‘alayhi wa álihi wa sallam) and kudapati he is crying hard, I asked him: O Messenger of Allah What has caused you crying? He said: O ‘Ali, on the evening I isrá-in-delivered to the heavens, I see women of my Ummah is in a hard punishment. I am very sad to see the situation they are crying because I severity of the punishment of them. ”

After s’aw Messenger, explains kinds of punishment that untouched part of women in natural Asybáh (picture of life in the Hereafter later). But Al-Zahra Fáthimah ‘alayhassalám ask ayahandanya; Kekasihku and Microwave eyes, sad to me, and act their way of life until He torment them like this? “

The following is an explanation of reasons for the act that most women do with some kinds of punishment that they will be untouched. Messenger s’aw, said (which means):

I see women with hair hanging above the fire to boil the brain to him. The impunity of these are women who do not cover the hair of men (not muhrimnya).

I see women hanging on the tongue and water to a boil dikucurkan in tenggorrokannya. He is the women who hurt her husband.

I see a woman hanging with the second teteknya on fire. He is the women who did not want her husband digauli.

I see women eating the meat themselves and the fire started underneath. He is the women who primp (primp) to the people (other than her husband).

I see women who both legs tied together (in the same) with both hands while the snake-snake and scorpion-scorpion released its top. He is women who do not PURIFICATION, mutanajis clothing, not bathing impure, do not bathe and menstrual menyepelekan prayers.

I see women who are deaf, blind and dumb placed in the box to fire otaknya flows from the second hole and nose member body cuts because of leprosy. He is women who bear children from the act of adultery, and his son to be her husband.

I see women hanging on with both feet in the furnace fire. He is the women who leave their houses without the permission of her husband.

I see women who are daginnya-piece with a scissors-scissors from the Fire from the front and rear of the. He is the women who expose themselves to the men folk.

I see that women face and burned his hands while he ate ususnya own. He is women who become mucikari.

I see a woman as head of a pig’s head and body body donkey, he was tortured with a punishment. He is a liar and women like weasel-ngadu.

I see that women face, such as dogs, fire into the duburnya until the fire is out of his mouth, and a number of angels memukuli the head and body with a hooked rods from the fire. He is troubadour women (pengibur), peratap, and penghasud. Then the Messenger of Allah s’aw said: “Woe to women who make angry husband, and successful women who are willing to him her husband.”

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